Aviation Advisor, Inc. Adds Mobile Service Unit

Aviation Advisor, Inc. continues to improve segments of our business to better support aircraft owners and charter clientele. As part of this commitment, Aviation Advisor has completed customization of its Mobile Service Unit, allowing maintenance technicians to quickly respond to any events requiring service. Development specifications were carefully analyzed throughout the design process. All tools and equipment are calibrated and certified to specification. Aviation Advisor, Inc. technicians remain on standby 24/7 to ensure safe and efficient operations.

The addition of the Mobile Service Unit will provide aircraft owners with increased aircraft reliability by connecting our team of maintenance professionals directly with the crew members at the aircraft. By troubleshooting on-site and providing the necessary oversight, aircraft downtime is minimized. Aircraft owners will also see a significant cost savings on maintenance items, as our team can provide real time assessments and solutions to get the aircraft back in the air. This is just another example of how Aviation Advisor, Inc. goes above and beyond for our partners.