Aircraft Acquisitions

Advocate by Your Side

When partnering with Aviation Advisor on an aircraft acquisition project, our clients gain a valuable advocate to navigate through the process from beginning to end. Our acquisition process begins with an in-depth expectation and needs analysis. With many considerations going into such an important purchase, it is essential to have an experienced team working with you to help determine which aircraft is right for you.  Every acquisition project is custom tailored to ensure you receive the most of your aircraft ownership experience.

With Aviation Advisor’s team behind you, you can be assured that you will find the right aircraft for your needs. We are not a volume aircraft broker, meaning Aviation Advisor has much more incentive to provide you with a high quality aircraft to ensure that you, your family, and Aviation Advisor partners are on the safest, most reliable aircraft available.

What We Do For You

Market Analysis. We review and will provide you with a summary of market trends and current available inventory.  We will leverage relationships to provide you with additional off-market aircraft that others don’t have access to.

Aircraft Selection and Real World Costs. Once the particular aircraft type or model is identified, our team will draw on 30+ years of real world operating experience to provide you with accurate operating costs and budget projections. Forget what the brochures say, we will give you real world costs.

Representation and Negotiation. Our team is your representative during negotiations to ensure that the purchase of the aircraft is as beneficial to you as possible. We keep you informed throughout the entire process and take direction only from you.

Legal and Tax Partnerships. Aviation Advisor has multiple relationships and connections with tax and legal professionals to ensure you receive the best advice when it comes to the structure of your ownership and operation.

Maintenance Inspection (Pre-Buy) and Aircraft Improvements. Our team will provide multiple options for selection the best location to have your aircraft inspected or refurbished. We will be on-site during the process to continue to provide the support and oversight of your future asset.

Aircraft Delivery and Acceptance. We review every details and aspect of your aircraft before you take final delivery. This ensures you receive an aircraft in immaculate condition that is ready to work for you.  If you elect to place the aircraft into the Aviation Advisor charter fleet, our team works through the FAA conformity process so that your airplane can begin to generate charter revenue.

Pilot Services, Training and Mentoring. Crew is one of the most critical pieces of a successful operation. We can offer the crew of your new aircraft all the training needed to provide your operation with the highest safety and service levels.

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