Aviation Advisor, Inc. Appointed to Participate in Industry Leading Safety Initiative – FAA Safety Management Systems Voluntary Program (SMSVP)

Aviation Advisor, Inc. continues its commitment to safety through recent appointment by the Federal Aviation Administration to participate in industry leading safety program.  The appointment further establishes Aviation Advisor as a leader in safety of aircraft operations.

Considering Aviation Advisor, Inc.’s conformity to the Safety Management System parameters of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO), the Federal Aviation Administration will recognize efforts put forth by our organization.  Recognition further proves Aviation Advisor’s compliance with development of the SMS program and more importantly, program execution.

Benefits of the SMSVP include creating additional structure around Aviation Advisor’s existing safety management system, recognition Aviation Advisor is operating to a high level of safety and further proves Aviation Advisor is a leader in safety initiatives.

FAA Safety Initiative to Include:

Safety Management System (SMS) – a formal, top-down, organization-wide approach toward managing safety risks and assuring effectiveness of safety risk controls.  It includes systematic procedures, practices and policies for the management of safety risk.

Safety Policy – Documents commitment to safety which defines safety objectives and the accountabilities and responsibilities of employees with regard to safety.

Safety Risk Management – Processes within the SMS composed of describing the system, identifying potential hazards and analyzing, assessing and controlling risk.

Safety Assurance – Systematically ensuring performance and effectiveness of safety risk controls.  Assurance met through collection, analysis and assessment of information.

Safety Promotion – Combination of training and communication of safety information to support the operation and execution of the SMS throughout the Aviation Advisor organization.