Flight Operations STartup and Management

  • Initial department setup and staffing recommendations (FAA Part 91)
  • Pilot evaluations and recommendations
  • Hangar facility construction, leasing and annual budget estimations
  • Flight operation security audits along with regulatory audits and compliance
  • Entry and exit strategy planning

Security Analysis and Risk Management

  • Travel risk management: business and personal travel and development of VIP movement plans air/ground
  • Ground and air operations security audits
  • Advance security audits of overseas destinations and stopovers

Expert Witness, Analysis, and Investigation

  • Analysis of all types of aviation activities, including air and ground procedures
  • Analysis of flight operations activities and publications
  • Consultant and expert witness review, state and federal court aviation mishaps, including pilot error, ground operations, maintenance, and factory warranty claims

Crisis Management

  • Crisis planning to anticipate emergencies and execute a planned and immediate response
  • Immediate incident response for corporations and individuals worldwide